Bringing kids to Puerto Vallarta... is PV kid friendly?

Short answer - YES!

We always hear concerned parents wondering if Puerto Vallarta is safe enough to bring their kids along with them when they travel and we say absolutely! Honestly, many locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome with your young ones, grabbing high chairs in restaurants and having kid friendly menus, offering reduced rates for children on different activities, there is no reason not to bring your kiddos along. Family is incredibly important in Mexico and you’ll see three or four generations enjoying a stroll on the malecon or having a nice dinner at a local restaurant, there is even a day devoted to children called Dia del Nino - much like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day where the children receive gifts!

Entertainment Ideas:

Build sandcastles on the beach or go for a swim at Playa Los Muertos.
Puerto Vallarta has a zoo where they can even feed some of the animals!
What kid doesn’t like pirates? Take them on board the pirate ship in PV.
Enjoy your accommodations pool - some places even have pool toys provided.
Do your kids love horses? Take them into the jungle and ride horses to a waterfall.
Swimming with the dolphins for older kids will be an experience they won’t forget!
Kids love a thrill, why not take them zip-lining? They will be laughing and squealing with joy.
Want to go to a water park, there is one in PV with 10 water slides and a lazy river.
Walk along the malecon, there is loads of entertainment for young and old alike.

Travel Logistics:

If you are thinking of traveling with small children to Puerto Vallarta but the idea seems downright overwhelming, let us help! Many rentals are kid friendly, some will provide pack-n-plays, highchairs, cribs etc. If they don’t, you don’t have to bring all of that with you. There are companies where you can rent everything you could ever need for your kids and it comes at very affordable prices. Activity tables, baby swings, bassinets, booster seats, car seats, bed rails, cribs, strollers, foam mats, diapers and wipes, beach toys, life jackets, it is all available to order online and have delivered to you. If you want a night out, there are excellent babysitters who will watch your children for a couple of hours while you enjoy a date night. Having shops like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco make stocking up on groceries very similar to how it would be at home. Items that are gluten free, lactose free etc are becoming more common in case your kids have any food allergies, it is easy to pick up diapers, wipes, etc. at those shops or pharmacies around town.

So bring the whole family to Puerto Vallarta and enjoy paradise!

How are the doctors and hospitals in PV?

Despite what you may think when you first hear Mexico and Healthcare, we are here to tell you that PV has quite an amazing medical community with competent, accredited (and bi-lingual) doctors and physicians, updated (even cutting-edge) technology and medical equipment, and clean and prominent hospitals.

Whether you are needing dental services, physical therapy, a chiropractor visit, or a trip to the emergency room, you should feel comfortable knowing you’ll be taken care of while on your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The best part is, the services you’ll get while here are sometimes at half the cost of what you would pay in the United States. Medical tourism is also on the rise and may visitors are choosing to travel to places like PV to get procedures done for a fraction of the cost.

Here are recommendations from the Vallarta Tribune and their Best of Banderas Bay 2019 Winners:

Best of Banderas Bay Winners:

Medical Clinic:

Hospital Medasist, Hospital San Javier Marina, Hosptial CMQ City Center PV


Erik Fulfer, Rachel Grosik, Susan Colby


Eye Metrics, Optica Americana, Devlyn


Holistic Bio Spa, SANA, La Abelita Bucerias


Marcela Castellanos, Amando Joya, Dainel Sanelli

Dental Clinic:

Smile Vallarta, Dental Avant Garde, Just Smiles

Cosmetic Surgeons:

Alejandro Guerrero Torres, Elaen Plastic Surgery Center, Nashielli Torres

How does calling work while I'm on vacation in PV?

So you are on vacation in sunny Puerto Vallarta and you want to brag to your friends and family back home about how great of a time you are having. We approve. How do you go about it? Well of course there are a number of apps out there like Whatsapp or Skype, Facebook messenger, Facetime, etc that you can use to text or video chat back and forth, but sometimes you just need to make a good old fashion call and you can’t connect to Wi-Fi or maybe you are trying to call somewhere local to make reservations for dinner or to go on an adventure.

Check with your provider, some carriers like AT&T have a $10 a day international pass and you only have to pay the daily fee for the days you are abroad! If you are on the T-Mobile ONE plan you can get texting and unlimited date in over 200 countries and Mexico is one of them! One thing to remember is you may want to keep your phone on airplane mode so you don’t rack up a nasty roaming charge if you don’t decide to do one of these phone plans.

Some people recommend bringing an unlocked phone to PV and having a sim card installed. The sim cards are cheap if you do want to go that route and it won’t take more than 15 minutes to set up. This would make sense if you plan to make a lot of local calls but won’t be at your accommodation. Telcel and Movistar are the two big cell phone carriers. Today there are so many restaurants, cafes and places around town do have free Wi-Fi you can use, and of course if you book accommodation with Vacation Vallarta, all of our properties do have Wi-Fi too.

Here is the logistics of making phone calls:

If someone will be calling you (say at the villa you are staying at) from the US or Canada, you will need to have them dial the necessary international access code, then 52 (which is Mexico’s country code) the area code, and then the rest of the number. PV and Nuevo Vallarta’s area code is 322. 

When you are in PV and you need to call internationally dial 00, then the country code (1 for the US and Canada) and then the area code and the number. Always ask the place you are staying if they allow international calls. Some may have a fee associated.

When you call a cell phone in Puerto Vallarta you need to add the area code of 322 and then the rest of the seven digits. If you are calling a landline however you can skip the 322. Most places will not charge for local calls from their landlines.

Be sure to ask the staff at the property you are at for assistance if needed.

What to buy... and how to know if you are getting a good deal!

There are so many wonderful shops in Puerto Vallarta where you can find a variety of items to take back home with you or buy for friends and family. People love to bring home tequila but Mexico does have more to offer. For the baker, bring back some Mexican vanilla, it is heavenly! Coffee drinkers, get excited because some of the local coffee is amazing! Mexican blankets work wonderfully for when you are back home having a picnic. There are lots of places you can get pewter, whether it is a picture frame or a serving platter. You may want to check out Mundo de Cristal for Mexican glassware (there is more than just margarita glasses!), adorable drink stirrers, and beautifully painted ceramic dishes. There are some nice hand tooled leather items like sandals to be found as well. Hand painted tiles are beautiful and full of color and could be something fun to bring home to friends. Something guaranteed to make you smile are the small hand painted bobble head animals. If you love art, don’t miss the phenomenal galleries in PV, you’ll always remember you purchased the piece while on your trip, and if it is too large to carry on the plane, the galleries will ship it back to the states for you. Your typical souvenirs are also available in PV so if you have a magnet, t-shirt, or shot glass collection back home you need to add to, fear not, you’ll have hundreds to choose from. Check out the flea market and you can shop until you drop!

Most stores have set prices just like in the US or Canada. If you are making a big purchase (for example a piece of artwork) you may be able to get a slight discount. If you are with a big group of people and you have multiple people purchasing the same thing, you can always ask to see if they will offer any discount, sometimes you get lucky.

When buying items or services from beach/street vendors you can usually get items at least 30% off of the original price they tell you, many times even more depending on how busy of a day the vendor is having or how much of an expert negotiator you are. If you aren’t happy with the price, you can always walk away, and sometimes that can work to get a lower price as well. You’ll know when you have hit their rock bottom price because they will let you keep walking. Several places do sell very similar items but if you fall in love with a specific item, it is best to just get it then! The other thing to remember when negotiating is that $1 off you are working so hard to get will probably make a much bigger difference in their lives than yours so consider it your good deed for the day and pay a little extra. Ultimately if it is something you love and you are happy with the quality and price, then you got a good deal!

Dress Codes in PV!

You can get away with wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops just about everywhere. But there are a couple of places where this won’t fly, so don’t forget these things when packing!

If you plan on going to some of the night clubs along the Malecon, there are some dress codes. Men, we hate to say it but you’ll likely need to put on long pants and ditch the flip flops. This isn’t the case everywhere, and by no means do you need to dress as you would for a club in Vegas, but some places won’t allow you in unless you comply. Tank tops are usually not allowed as well so opt for a collared button down. For the ladies, if you aren’t wanting to wear heels, (which we completely understand with cobblestone streets) a nicer sandal will be fine, combine that with a dress and call it a night! As always, dress to impress right?!

For meals on the nicer side, khaki or other lightweight pants are recommended, (nice shorts are ok and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be allowed in but depending on the place it may not be totally appropriate) and a collared short-sleeve shirt for men and a nicer sundress for women is perfectly acceptable. Locals will dress up quite a bit when going out for a nice meal.

Just remember to be respectful. You wouldn’t walk around your hometown shirtless or in a bikini, so unless you are at the beach, don’t do so in the streets of PV. And please put on shoes when going into grocery stores and other shops and restaurants.

Can I drink the water!?

The answer is yes and no. The good news is Puerto Vallarta has some of the cleanest water in all of Mexico! The water is treated and purified, but that being said, the distribution system is not perfect. In many restaurants and some rental properties you will get purified water, but not everywhere. Sometimes even if there is a system installed, it isn't always working properly. It is best to ask the staff where you are, and of course when in doubt, go with bottled water! It is very inexpensive and then you know you are safe and won't risk ruining your vacation!

As for brushing your teeth, taking showers and washing your hands definitely do not worry about bottled water for that. It is more than ok for that!

One thing to keep in mind, if you are buying produce from local markets and street vendors, heck even grocery stores, take the time to clean it with more than just water! In Mexico (and other countries!) sanitary practices are not always followed from growing produce all the way through when it makes it into the hands of the sellers and then to you. There is just a lot of opportunities for contaminates, from irrigating with unclean water to fertilizing with manure, you just don't know, so a quick soak it in a few drops of microdyn solution (follow the directions on the bottle) and you'll never regret it!

Customs: Baggage and Duty Free Exemption

Before you are allowed to enter Puerto Vallarta, you must fill out a white and green sheet of paper that is your customs declaration. You will turn this in after you have picked up your luggage and give it to the customs personnel. Passengers may bring the following new or used items that make up their personal luggage as a part of their duty-free exemption:

(Sorry this list is long and sometimes oddly specific, the entire list is on the form itself so be sure to read through it all and make sure you are in are the highlights!)

Items for personal use (i.e. clothing, including bridal items, footwear, beauty items)
Baby items such as portable cribs, strollers, etc.
One laptop, ten DVDs, thirty CDs, one video game console and five video games
Four fishing rods, three surf boards, one camping tent, one pair on binoculars
Two musical instruments and their accessories
A hand toolset with its storage case, which may include a drill, pliers, sockets, screwdrivers, etc.
Medicines for your own personal use (must be able to show a prescription for psychotropic substances)

Passengers older than 18 years of age can import a maximum of 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars, or 200 grams of tobacco.
Passengers older than 18 years of age can import up to three liters of alcoholic beverages and six liters of wine.

Senior Citizens and people with special needs can import items such as walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, canes, etc.

Up to three pets (pets meaning cats, dogs, canaries, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, etc.) as well as accessories needed for their transport and cleaning provided the Zoosanitary certificate issue by the Sagarpa is provided to personnel. 

Passengers may import goods of duty, additional to personal baggage, as long as they prove their value with a receipt does not exceed $500 USD when coming by air.

Extreme Sports in Puerto Vallarta!

If relaxing on the beach all week seems a bit boring to you and you are looking for an adrenaline rush, don't worry, PV has that too! 

How does zip-lining more than two miles of cable 500 feet in the air over a river valley sound? An action packed day at Los Veranos Canopy Tour will let you soar through the jungles of Mexico and give a thrill that is sure to delight! The longest line is more than 1,400 feet. Fun, family friendly and safe. Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and walking shoes! Tip: Check their website, sometimes you can get up to 15% off when booking online.

Want to get even higher in the air? Why not try Skydiving in Puerto Vallarta?! Try a tandem jump - perfect for beginners, and hold on tight! The instructors are certified by USPA and have thousands of jumps and years of experience under their belts. Check it off the bucket list and have an experience you will never forget!

Though the idea of Bungee Jumping makes me almost sick to my stomach, there are a number of people who love the rush! There is a place in Vallarta called Bungee Beat a bit south close to Mismaloya where you can jump right over the waters of Banderas Bay. Tip: Bring cash as there is no ATM and no way to accept card, and bring your swimsuit if you want to hang out in their pool afterwards! Good luck.

For something a bit different, and a sure way to exhaust you... try Eco Ride Mex and go mountain biking through Puerto Vallarta. Tours range from 2 1/2- 5 1/2 hours and will take you from cobblestone streets through the mountains along dirt paths and some even to nearby waterfalls. Tip: I would say the beginner is more medium level and the medium is more advanced so keep that in mind when selecting a tour, and of course, bring tennis shoes!

If you have never tried ATVs, it is a great way to explore the outdoors, get completely covered in dirt and mud, and adventure through rugged paths for an off-roaders paradise! Drivers have to be 18 or older. Tip: Bring a change of clothes, you will get filthy! Most places provide goggles and a dusk mask as well as helmets.

There are a number of ways to keep entertained on Los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta, you can go parasailing, rent jet skis, try kayaking or paddle boarding, or the latest craze is Flyboard. Blast out of the ocean and hover above the water. It'll take a bit of coordination but it is definitely a thrill. People with a lot of experience easily bust out backflips and spins that are incredibly entertaining to watch. 

Getting Around in Puerto Vallarta

There are so many options when it comes to traveling around Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. Here is what we think:

On foot - Definitely yes! This is always the best way to meet people, see the town and explore all of what Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Check out the malecon, a great spot to walk any time of day, and it really comes alive at night. Old Town has lots of sidewalks which is wonderful just always look twice before crossing the street, taxis and buses can act as if they have the right of way.

Taxis - We give it a thumbs up... Go for it! Taxis are so inexpensive here and are readily available so you rarely need to even call for one. Always ask for the rate before you get in and remember tipping is always appreciated but not necessary. This is a great way to get from the airport into Old Town.

Uber - Uber recently just came to Puerto Vallarta! Our experience so far has been great. Prices seem to be less than taxis and we haven't had to wait too long to get a driver, though maybe a bit longer than if we had hopped in a cab. Our guess is as it becomes more well known and more heavily used there will be even more drivers emerging so wait time will essentially be gone.

Rental Car - We give it a thumbs down... avoid this. Once you are in Old Town everything is easily walkable and other types of transport as readily available so don't waste your time trying to find a spot to park in our busy little city. The other reason is rental cars can come with a steep price tag and driving in Mexico is quite a bit different in the US between cobblestone roads and 'unique' rules of the road.

Bus - If you are up for an adventure, then give this a shot. Buses are cheap cheap cheap! They look a little rickety and may be a bit crowded but sometimes you can get a group of musicians on board and you get a free concert on the ride (tip them!). This is how the locals get around when not on foot :) It is less than 10 pesos to get to most places around town so bring small change. Buses that say "centro" on them go downtown and to Olas Altas. Buses to the airport are marked "Ixtapa" or "Las Palmas". You can also take marked buses to the Marina, Mismaloya, Nuevo Vallarta, Punta de Mita, etc. 

Where are the US/Canadian Consulates?

Although very unlikely that you would ever need to visit the US or Canadian Consulate, it is always good to know where they are! They can assist in emergency situations who are visiting the area and assist with passport issues, births abroad etc.

Their standard hours are 8:30 to 12:30 Monday through Friday except of course for US and Mexican Holidays for the US Consulate and for the Canadian Consulate their hours are 9:00 to 1:00.

For the US it is Paseo de los Cocoteros #85, Sur Paradise Plaza, Interior Local L-7 in Nuevo Vallarta and their phone numbers are (322) 222-0069 with a 24-Hour Emergency Number at
(33) 3268-2145

For the Canadian Consulate it is Plaza Peninsula, Local Sub F Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2485 Zona Hotelera Norte and their phone numbers are (322) 293-0098 and 293-0099.

What also may be helpful to know is where to get tourist information. We do provide a comprehensive list of restaurants and activities in the local area and many of the villa's staff can be of service but for more info just visit or call (322) 224-1175!

Dia de los Muertos and Halloween in PV

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of Mexico from October 31st until November 2nd, overlapping with of course Halloween as we know it in the US. October 31st is Young Souls Day, the 1st of November is All Saints Day and the 2nd of November is All Souls Day.

Dia de los Muertos is a day in which Mexicans honor and celebrate their deceased relatives and loved ones. It is a wonderfully colorful and festive holiday, not dim and somber event as you may think. The belief behind the holiday is it is one day that the spirits of those who have passed return to the world for just this short period of time.

The Day of the Dead and Halloween to share similarities as both are based on the idea of spirits returning, but with Halloween, customs seem to stem more from the idea that those spirits were wicked and evil rather than spirits that are accepted as family.

Halloween festivities are becoming more prevalent in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of Mexico. You can find masks and costumes sold in stores as well as sugar skulls (gifts for the departed young souls of children) and pan de Muertos (bread of the dead). Some children even will dress up and go trick-or-treating.

If you are going to be in Mexico, enjoy the wonderful celebrations, just be sure to be respectful since they are honoring the deceased. You'll see calacas and calaberas (skeletons and skulls) all around, people will be eating, drinking, partying and enjoying themselves! You may see lanterns hung on trees, firecrackers set off, pathways of flowers (which are intended to guide the souls home) and elaborately decorated altars and graves. Of course with tourists, you'll likely see them dressed up, partying in the clubs around town!

Cuban Cigars in Puerto Vallarta

Yes you can purchase Cuban Cigars in Puerto Vallarta. Yes they are still expensive! If you do purchase them in Mexico, please note, you can not bring them back to the US with you so you must enjoy them on your vacation. The other thing to be aware of is counterfeits, so make sure you are doing your homework and if it seems like a too good to be true deal, it is probably a fake. Check out Casa del Habano owned by Gerry Cohen and his wife Martha in downtown on Calle Aldama. They have a good selection of Cubans and are extremely knowledgeable.

Can I get married in Puerto Vallarta?

Of course you can! Puerto Vallarta is definitely one of the most gorgeous and romantic places on Earth! Many choose to get married here, including Jordan MacPherson, our owner, herself! You'll absolutely have a wonderful time and we do recommend it to everyone looking for a destination wedding. Even if you weren't thinking about Mexico, after seeing photos from other weddings and finding out how affordable it can be, you may change your mind!

Renting out a villa that allows events is the best way to go (rather than one of the all inclusive resorts). You'll need to hire a wedding planner who has good reviews and lots of experience, speaks fluent Spanish, is local in Puerto Vallarta so they understands legal requirements and procedures as well as have trusted and established vendors such as caterers and DJs. You won't want to be running around doing this by yourself and planners can be quite affordable! 

Planning a wedding from a different country is possible, even if you can't visit the venue before your big day. 3D virtual tours, skype or facetime and the ability to email, send photos, etc. make this possible, we promise!

How are the beaches?

We get asked a lot, what are the beaches like, which do I vist? Are they public or private? Are they safe to swim in? Are there any nude beaches? Let us answer these all for you!

What are the beaches like and which should I visit? The beaches in Puerto Vallarta are beautiful and they are all wonderful in their own ways. Playa Los Muertos is the most popular beach in PV due to its size and location in the heart of Old Town or the Romantic Zone. You probably can't help but visit it! Tons of great beachfront restaurants, lots of vendors trying to sell you things, the brand new pier is there and if you want to rent jet skis or go parasailing, this is the place! Playa Conchas Chinas is another great option to visit and is just slightly south. Much less busy and in my opinion, one of the most picturesque options! Worth a day trip would be to head over to Punta de Mita (more north) or Sayulita (even more north) to visit their beaches (technically you are no longer in Jalisco, but the next state over Nayarit!)

Are the beaches public or private? The answer here is simple, yes! All beaches in Puerto Vallarta are open to the public and are public property. Even beaches in front of hotels are considered public and they don't mind having visitors walk through the grounds. The only exception I can think of here, is people who have put in man made beaches on their private property (example of this is the PVBC) but you wouldn't be able to access anyway because it is in a locked complex.

Are the beaches safe? Generally yes. As with anywhere you travel to, there are a few exceptions but for the most part, the beaches are nice and clean and perfectly swim-able. Keep in mind rarely will you see lifeguards on duty so you are swimming at your own risk. If a storm is coming through or the waters look a little rough, just use common sense, buddy up, and let others know of your plans, but the Bay of Banderas is very protected and the water is generally pretty calm. Local authorities and some local associations work hard to keep our beaches beautiful and clean so you can kick back and relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Nude beaches? We laugh when getting asked this question, but to answer it, no there are not. Avoid problems with local authorities and keep your swimsuits on! Mexico is a very catholic country so nudity and semi nudity are not just frowned upon they are illegal.

What will the weather be like in PV?

Of course I'm not a weatherman and cannot predict the weather but do make sure to look up averages for each time of year to get an idea of what to expect.

Peak season (November to April) is absolutely lovely and is when you can expect the best weather, that is why it is peak season.  Within peak season people tend to love the months of January, February, and March the best. During peak season you will get very little rain, if any, lots of sunshine, and not too much humidity. Perfection.

Non peak season (May to October) is considered the rainy season, not hurricane season as some of you may have heard. Because of Puerto Vallarta's location in the middle of Banderas Bay, surrounded by mountains on all sides, PV is quite sheltered. That doesn't mean we are magically free of hurricanes, sometimes they do pass through the area, but we have been quite lucky. If you compare PV to say Cancun, the average number of direct hits on Cancun is one every 7 years, PV is more like one every 35 or so years! The most damaging hurricane was back in October 2002 which had very strong rain and heavy winds, we lost some amazing statues along the Malecon and much of the Malecon itself and some local restaurants and hotels were badly damaged but thankfully no deaths were reported.

In non peak season it doesn't rain all day every single day! You still get lots of sunny days and many people do come down and of course still have a great time. What you should expect are the occasional tropical rain storms that only last an hour to three hours, and typically this is in the evenings. You may even get some pretty awesome lightning shows looking out over the water! That being said, some of our busiest months are the ones that border peak season (May, June and October) and they are a pretty decent time to come on down, get great weather, but enjoy reduced prices.

What are your top 5 favorite restaurants in PV?

Puerto Vallarta offers some of the most amazing restaurants in all of Mexico. The culinary scene has exploded in the past few years and there are so many fantastic options around the city that it is hard to have a bad meal. From Mexican to Italian, Spanish to French, Mediterranean to Thai, I mean they have it all. And it isn't just the food that is amazing. The service from the wait staff is phenomenal and the atmosphere of some of these spots is really to die for. 

I'm hard pressed to come up with a top 5 favorite but here they are:

A trip to Mexico is not complete for me until I have been to Cafe de Olla for dinner. Their location is convenient and right in Old Town, and they have been around for what seems like forever! Some of the staff has been there from the beginning and it feels like coming home when you see their faces. Prepare for a potentially long line if you don't go early, but fear not, you can order a margarita while you wait! Their seafood platter is an incredible deal and can be shared by at least two people, at don't forget to order some queso fundido con chorizo to start!

A newer restaurant to the PV scene, ok maybe it has been a few years now, is No Way Jose. I'll be the first to admit that I avoided the place when I first heard of it because the corny name, but don't let that stop you. Sit up on the rooftop and enjoy contemporary Mexican cuisine including the amazing guacamole prepared table side. They have a passion fruit margarita as one of their signature drinks that is worth a try, and their original margaritas are amazing as well. For dessert, you must order the bananas flambe (even if you don't like bananas!) because it is worth watching the small fire show that comes along with it!

A bit off the beaten track, El Brujo, is one of the great Mexican 'hole in the wall' spots down in Puerto Vallarta. It is extremely affordable and they serve truly authentic Mexican cuisine. The inside is nothing glamorous, but I have a special place in my heart for them as I remember the first time I went, they only had four small tables, a tiny kitchen, and a couple bottles of tequila behind the bar. Since then they have expanded (both the number of tables and the bar's selection) but the food has stayed true to its roots. The garlic shrimp in foil and the beef fajitas won't disappoint.

When you have had all the Mexican food you can handle (if that is even possible..) swap over to some Spanish food at Barcelona Tapas. This restaurant sits high above the malecon which offers some of the best views of the city (and quite a few stairs on the way up!) The made to order small plates are great to share with the table and you can just keep ordering until you are full! The bacon wrapped dates are downright delicious, actually everything is, so just get one of everything!

If you are up for an adventure, Ocean Grill is restaurant you can't miss! It is a bit of a trek to get there either by bus or taxi, and then by water taxi or hike, but I can assure you it is well worth it! Once you are in Boca, a water taxi picks you up and takes you around the bend to a secluded beach for a once in a lifetime experience. This IS the best margarita you will have on your trip to Mexico, I can guarantee it! You are required to make reservations and there are only three time slots a day when it is open. Not ADA or handicap accessible by any stretch of the imagination, children are not allowed, and they only take cash, but if you can,  you should go. Even the bathroom is a trip to remember!



What do I do about money in Puerto Vallarta?

The peso is Mexico’s official currency, but many places will take US dollars, however be aware that larger bills can be harder for vendors to break so bring plenty of $1’s, $5’s, and $10’s so you'll always have change. If you go on an adventure way out of the main tourist areas, it will be best that you bring enough pesos along.

Avoid changing too much money at the airport as you don’t get as good of a rate! Banks give the best rate, but there are plenty of ‘Cambio’ stations where you can trade US bills for Pesos at good rates. You will also find a number of ATMs around the city as well, just be cautious as you may have a daily limit for what you are able to withdraw and there is the potential for a small fee if it is not your banks ATM.

I get asked a lot "Will I be able to use my credit cards in Puerto Vallarta?" The answer is that credit cards are being accepted now at more and more places in touristy areas. If you are going out to eat, ask beforehand or just bring cash to be safe. Don’t forget to call your credit cards in before you leave so your card doesn’t get frozen, and remember some cards do have a international transaction fee of 3%. Lastly, if you are staying at a villa property, the staff will not be able to accept credit cards to pay for groceries and a tip at the end of your stay, so do make sure you have planned ahead and have enough cash for that.

Is Puerto Vallarta Safe?

In one word... Yes! But to expand....definitely, I wouldn’t go down there with my family if I didn’t think so! You will feel much safer in most parts of Puerto Vallarta than in the United States or Canada. There is very little crime here, and what does exist is usually petty compared to the U.S. The tourist police here are friendly and very helpful. Obviously use your common sense and be aware, and at night stay on main streets. Some people are concerned about the "drug war” in Mexico, we want to emphasize that the issue is fundamentally linked to USA-Mexico border towns and is an issue far from important in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas. One word of warning, do not attempt to purchase marijuana or other drugs as the police here have a vigilant “sting” program in operation and you don’t want to be in a position of bribing yourself out of jail.