Dress Codes in PV!

You can get away with wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops just about everywhere. But there are a couple of places where this won’t fly, so don’t forget these things when packing!

If you plan on going to some of the night clubs along the Malecon, there are some dress codes. Men, we hate to say it but you’ll likely need to put on long pants and ditch the flip flops. This isn’t the case everywhere, and by no means do you need to dress as you would for a club in Vegas, but some places won’t allow you in unless you comply. Tank tops are usually not allowed as well so opt for a collared button down. For the ladies, if you aren’t wanting to wear heels, (which we completely understand with cobblestone streets) a nicer sandal will be fine, combine that with a dress and call it a night! As always, dress to impress right?!

For meals on the nicer side, khaki or other lightweight pants are recommended, (nice shorts are ok and 9 times out of 10 you’ll be allowed in but depending on the place it may not be totally appropriate) and a collared short-sleeve shirt for men and a nicer sundress for women is perfectly acceptable. Locals will dress up quite a bit when going out for a nice meal.

Just remember to be respectful. You wouldn’t walk around your hometown shirtless or in a bikini, so unless you are at the beach, don’t do so in the streets of PV. And please put on shoes when going into grocery stores and other shops and restaurants.